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SASgov and Dean’s Award for Research and New Media 2014

SASgov and Dean’s Award for Research and New Media

Award: Up to $3000

Deadline: 15 April 2014

The Graduate Student Government of the School of Arts and Sciences at Penn, in association with the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, invites applications for the SASgov and Dean’s Award for Research and New Media to support graduate research during the summer of 2014. In particular this award is intended to support Penn graduate students who are engaged in remarkable and noteworthy research and seek to foster new ways of disseminating and making the public and graduate student communities at large aware of this work.

PURPOSE: The Award for Research and New Media seeks to support innovative and vibrant research projects in departments throughout the School of Arts and Sciences. Grantees are expected pursue a well-defined course of research or creative work, which itself involves the use of new media, or includes documentation or dissemination using new media: photographs, video, audio commentary, podcasts, blogging, etc. To be clear: it is not mandatory that your research itself be concerned with new media. Rather, the award wishes to support those who develop a clear plan to use new media to document, discuss, disseminate, and draw attention to their research, whatever it may be.

These guidelines are deliberately broad; successful projects can take any number of forms, but should both contribute to the applicant’s research at Penn and be germane to discussion in the public-lecture format. While successful projects may include work relating directly to a student’s primary research interest or dissertation topic, we also welcome proposals for supplementary or non-traditional forms of research.

AWARD: Students may propose budgets up to $3000. All funding should be applied directly to costs of research: travel expenses, materials, etc. This may include photo or video equipment necessary to fulfill the new media / documentation component of the requirements. The grant may not be used for cost-of-living in Philadelphia. The proposed budget should be as specific as possible and account for all requested funds, and note any other funding or in-kind contributions to the project, which you already have or are applying for. The award is open to students with or without summer funding packages through their departments. All applicants must also include a description of the method/manner in which their work can be showcased and presented to the larger community of scholars at Penn during Fall 2014/Spring 2015.

APPLICATION: Please submit the following materials (in .pdf form as a single document) to with the subject line “SASgov Media Grant Application— LAST NAME, FIRST NAME” by midnight on, Tuesday 15 April, 2014.


Travel Grants - Spring 2013

Currently we are accepting travel grants only from graduating students, towards job interviews and related travel.


GSC Event: Dissertation Boot Camp Spring 2013

As a part of our Navigating the Dissertation Series, our Dissertation Boot Camp was developed to help students progress through the difficult writing stages of the dissertation process. By offering an environment and support for intense, focused writing time, the Camp provides participants with the structure and motivation to overcome typical roadblocks in the dissertation process. Read about a Camper's experience in The Pennsylvania GazetteDissertation 'boot camp' turns slackers into scholars.

Winter Boot Camp 2013

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1. We've re-opened our travel fund application to give you one more opportunity to apply for travel funding before the holiday! Submit before 27 November to be considered for travel funds!

2. Dock Street Happy Hour: The best-loved SAS event of the semester. Sunday 3 December 2012. We'll see you there.


November 20 Workshop - Job Search Strategies for a Tough Economy

Looking for a job has always been a challenge, and today’s economy can make your job search even harder.  But the harder the problem, the more opportunities there are for creative solutions. This workshop focuses on how to explore and optimize your career choices. It will test your assumptions, stretch your creative thinking skills and help you develop new ways to conduct your job search.

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